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CDE Cleaning Services

Corporate and Private Cleaning Services

Working with Croombs Chartered Accountants…

CDE Cleaning Services We have been working with Croombs Chartered Accountants since 2004.

They have helped us complete our monthly and annual accounts, tax returns and most importantly assisted us with our tax planning. They are also available to us as an outsourced Financial Director whenever we need them.

A few words to describe Croombs Chartered Accountants…

They take the hassle out of accountancy. Basically they are excellent, extremely helpful, competent, knowledgeable and saved me lots of stress!

How have things changed?

Since we began working with them our business has grown dramatically and they have helped us with any aspects of accountancy that we have needed at the time, from the technical tax planning to just being a sounding board for ideas!

Anything else?

They know their stuff… and they can communicate it to me well enough so that I know what’s going on!

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