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Gibson Bros Property / Sinclair Youngs Rentals

Property management / Electronics Retail

Working with Croombs Chartered Accountants…

We have worked together for over ten years to analyse the business in detail, undertake detailed tax planning and completion of the usual year end work. Until we met and worked with them we had operated a carousel style of management, we would get on in the morning and didn’t know where to get off in the evening. They have helped us achieve direction in our business.

A few words to describe Croombs Chartered Accountants…

They take the hassle out of accountancy. Basically they are excellent, extremely helpful, competent, knowledgeable and saved me lots of stress!

How have things changed?

They have helped me start three companies, all of which are doing very well. They have also helped me achieve a state of semi-retirement which I have been working towards for years.

Anything else?

They care about me, not just my business. They are always contactable and nothing is too much trouble. You must talk to them. I’ve worked with them for many years and I would not have done so if they didn’t perform above my expectations. I would be more than happy to talk to any potential client if they require any reassurance that moving accountants is the best thing to do.

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